CottonWood Canyon Ranch

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open all year

Horseback riding to me

Horseback riding to me is the most relaxing and enjoyable thing I can do for myself. When your out on horseback everything seems to disappear from your day to day life, If you ever been bit by the bug, of the love of horses. Then you know exactly what I'm talking about, this is my tranquility. 

If your ever get the chance to experience being on a horse you will learn just how wonderful it is. I have ridden my whole life and I couldn't imagine being with out them.

We also do horseback riding lesson from ages 7-85 :) We are open all year long. And very easy access to the ranch nice paved road to the entrance of our ranch and less than a mile off of hwy 62. You can call us at 760 363-7475  or 760 447-1014 for an appointment

Welcome to my world

These girls are our newest rescues come meet Jasmin and Spirit

My husband

Jasmine & Spirit my Kentucky Mountain baby's

Spirit and Toby learning to pony


Toby and Ryan after a ride

There first days on the ranch